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Building a smart shoe wardrobe with Magnanni

Over three generations and 60 years, the Blanco family has been crafting their men’s shoemaking business in Almansa, Spain, perfecting a brand that has become synonymous with exceptional craftsmanship and a traditional European design aesthetic — with a bit of modern flourish. The result? A collection of dress shoes that’ll last years, not seasons, when it comes to both style and quality.

To help you build a wardrobe of dress shoe essentials, we round-up the three key styles to invest in, and share the differences between each.


Smart lace-up shoes can come in two types — Derby and Oxford. The difference between the two lies in the lacing, with Derby laces being closed and Oxford being open. What does this mean when you’re deciding what to wear? Oxfords are a little more formal — think a wedding or important business meeting — while the Derby is slightly more relaxed.


Featuring bold buckles, monk strap shoes are a little more interesting and unique than a lace-up. A single monk strap keeps a classic vibe, while a double is a little more utilitarian in feel. In terms of formality, they tend to sit between an Oxford and Derby.


Loafers are the most relaxed of all the dress styles, and can be worn for both smart-casual and more formal occasions — just avoid wearing them with a double-breasted suit. Sitting low and sans laces, they’re similar to another slip-on style, the moccasin, but their slightly raised heel makes them a little smarter.

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