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Casablanca, Just Don and AFFIX offer unique takes on streetwear

The fashion industry long assigned the greatest value to clothes reserved for balls and boardrooms, but watching the runways over the last few years, it’s clear that streetwear has dominated. And with streetwear pieces now seen in the same way as heritage brands, the wearer can peacock with a new kind of aesthetic.


Formerly a part of the Pigalle crew, Charaf Tajer created Casablanca, which reflects his childhood summers in the eponymous city. The collection features a bold green shirt printed with fish and constellations; fruits are another motif, along with a total look printed with a mountain range jutting into a darkening (denim) sky. Designed in Paris and manufactured in Morocco, Casablanca allows you to get away without going anywhere.


Just Don offers a hyped-up take on sportswear, but with a level of pop not usually seen on the street. A hoodie in grape tie-dye is oversized and loud, while iconography like bold treble clefs and takes on team mascots take the sports vibe to another level. For hypebeasts and armchair sports fans everywhere.


Loud prints and outsized silhouettes have their place, but not here. AFFIX breaks down streetwear to its utilitarian roots, focusing on versatility, functionality and ease of wear. The brand mission is clear: AFFIX’s clean construction and technical practicality win the day — and the wardrobes — of guys everywhere who are about low-key cool.

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