Hong Kong’s top mixologists share their favourite cocktail recipes to beat the heat

Styling by Ruth Du Cann / Photography by Chester Ong


Fresh, fruity and utterly refreshing – quench your thirst with summer cocktails courtesy of Hong Kong’s top mixologists.

Two Leaves
by Antonio Lai, Quinary

G/F 56-58 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong

With Antonio Lai behind the bar, Quinary has quickly become Hong Kong’s go-to destination for molecular mixology. “We were one of the first to offer this concept in Hong Kong and to achieve that, we invested a lot in our equipment which includes a lab in the bar,” Lai says. However, there’s still hope for those looking to master the fine art of mixology without access to a drinks development lab. “Just keep trying,” Lai advises, adding, “It should be a fun process to try something new and experiment with different ingredients, portions and techniques.”

“Two Leaves is my favourite because we use re-distilled lemongrass gin and mint syrup together with lime and soda water. It’s a very refreshing cocktail for the summer that gives that holiday feeling of being on a sun lounger on the beach in Thailand.”
Blackberry On Rye <br>by Victoria Chow, The Woods

Tumbler by Waterford, glass bowl by Moser and knife by Arte Italica.

Blackberry On Rye
by Victoria Chow, The Woods

L/G, 17 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle on Hollywood Road is The Woods, a seasonal cocktail bar where each concoction is made with market-fresh ingredients and artisanal liquor. Co-founded by Victoria Chow, The Woods has elevated the cocktail to a culinary experience: “Rarely a day goes by without testing a new cocktail. We are constantly developing new drinks, learning and experimenting. Our menus change each season and our Prix Fixe cocktail and food pairing menu rotates every 8-10 weeks.”

Chow’s top tip for a summer party? “Punch bowls are the easiest for big parties. Freeze a large block of ice in a big container or pan and use it in the punch bowl to slow down dilution time.”

“Blackberry on Rye is my quintessential warm-weather drink. My favourite memories of summer include picking fresh berries in California’s farmer markets, and this drink is a unique combination of whiskey, red wine and blackberries that is fruity but not too sweet, sophisticated but still fun.”
Ribston Apple <br>by Suraj Gurung, Stockton

Cocktail glass and oak dipper with honey pot by LSA, tumbler by Hay and silver tray and dish by Authentiques.

Ribston Apple
by Suraj Gurung, Stockton

32 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong

Inspired by the old-world glamour of late 1890s London, Stockton is a speakeasy saloon that harks back to a bygone era. Its cocktails are cleverly put together, taking guests on a journey to the past with its sentiment and history; the menu is full of original cocktails with witty colonial references.

“The Ribston Apple is our signature cocktail. Named because this particular apple was grown in 1708 and sent to Normandy to Sir Henry of Ribston Hall. Light, tart and refreshing, it’s slightly fizzy and not too alcoholic – just right for cooling off on a muggy day. It’s almost like having an adult apple pie in a glass.”

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