By experimenting with the concept of space-saving solutions, designers have come up with innovative new design pieces that are as stylish as they are practical. Taking inspiration from the modular forms found in architecture, the trend incorporates a variety of shapes and textures with mixed materials.

Multiples of the same piece in differing textures or hues, or silhouettes that share a core form add visual balance and deliver high impact interior décor. A symmetrical arrangement creates a striking and simple focal point, while pieces from the same design ‘family’ create homogeny and symmetry to every space.

LSA’s vase trios, designed to either stack in a column, sit side by side or highlight individually solves the issue with fresh perspective. Meanwhile, Seletti explores the delicate balance of stacking with its range of new table lamps inspired by the still life works of vases, bottles and bowls by Giorgio Morandi.