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Take a tip from the world’s most beautiful women and prep and prime your skin before you start packing for the long awaited vacation. Streamline your beauty products into categories for before, during and after sun exposure and you’ll feel at your beautiful best wherever you travel.

N° 1 Pre-Sun

First things first, your skin needs to be in tip top condition before you expose it in that must have bikini, so start body brushing two weeks before you depart and apply a cellulite cream for streamlined thighs. Don’t forget to exfoliate as this step is key to ensuring your skin tone looks as peachy as possible.

As a final flourish, top off your smooth, sun-ready self with a bright pedicure.
N° 2 In the Sun

Protecting yourself from harmful rays is one thing, but there are a few key tricks that will ensure you won’t be suffering from any sunburn or damage:

  • Apply a gentle but active (preferably botanical based) serum before UV application.
  • Follow with a light instant self tanner if you’re not planning on swimming.
  • Stay out of the sun between 11am and 3pm to avoid the harsher rays.
Keep cool when the temperatures rise with a refreshing skin mist.
N° 3 Post Sun Recovery

The key to keeping your glow while minimizing the negative effects of the sun is to plump up those dehydrated cells. Ensure your skin gets the moisture it needs, with after sun care and a good whitening serum to mop up all the free radical damage. Slather on at least two layers of body cream after showering, as no matter how vigilant you’ve been the heat, sweat and sun will dry out your skin more than you think.

Those prone to dry and sensitive skin, try unscented body serums and oils for moisture retention.
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