Jonathan Adler’s Capri

Potter, designer and author Jonathan Adler reveals why the island of Capri is the source of his inspiration

Jonathan Adler’s Capri

Known for his bold and playful designs, Jonathan Adler is the natural choice for anyone looking to inject a heady dose of la dolce vita into their interiors. The American designer’s penchant for vibrant colours and breezy charm finds its perfect complement in the Italian island of Capri, in the Bay of Naples, where the classic glamour of the 1960s meets sun-kissed natural beauty and sublime cuisine.

“My favourite place in the world is Capri. The sun and the sea there are like nowhere else in the world. We go every year, and we always stay at my favourite hotel, La Scalinatella. I love that it has a real sense of place. The dreamy surrealism of the hotel is all put together in a way that captures the otherworldly majesty of Capri.

“Good artwork is the key to making a hotel room feel like home. Artwork is often overlooked in hotels, so when I design a hotel (Eau Palm Beach is my most recent project) it’s the first thing I think about.

“Capri is literally inspirational – I have a ‘Capri’ needlepoint pillow and a range of furniture called “Scalinatella” – but it’s more the spirit of the place that I find alluring. This spirit of the 1960s jet set is alive in all its colourful glamour in Capri. Inspiration comes from everywhere and everything. I keep my eyes and my mind wide open.

“Breakfast is always the same – fruit, juice, yoghurt, tea – and always on the terrazza. And we love sundrenched hikes followed by a dive into La Scalinatella’s chilled pool. It’s so refreshing, it’s like cold lemonade for your soul.

“The older I get, the less I want to go cities. I live for a nature holiday. Everyone should try to go to the Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur and the Amangiri in Utah. They’re expensive but they’re worth it. I’m active, more “hike” than “relax”. I like to be active so that I can assuage the guilt associated with my love of pastries.

“Simon [Doonan, Jonathan’s husband] is my favourite person to travel with, and not just because he fits in my carry-on. He’s curious and adventurous and his outfits brighten even the dreariest travel delay.

“I never leave home without a hand sanitizer; a Kindle stocked with titles including Simon’s latest book ‘The Asylum’; a multitude of chargers; a rainbow of Lacoste shirts (I’ve been wearing them since I was 13 and I won’t stop anytime soon); and a pair of sunglasses from my new eyewear collection – nothing says “vacation” like sunglasses. I don’t bring souvenirs back with me. I’m fortunate to spend my life making the stuff I love.”

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