It goes without saying that every new tech release is the biggest and the best, but with French start-up Devialet’s newest speaker – the niche brand is backed by LVMH luxury fashion mogul Bernard Arnault – Lane Crawford can attest that the future, has indeed arrived.

The Phantom uses the brand’s ADH Intelligence technology and Heart Bass Implosion to reproduce levels of sound at the end of infrasound. What that means in reality is that just this one piece of beautifully designed kit can replace your stereo systems, speakers, docking stations and home-cinema. With its perfect acoustic architecture built around two airtight sealed woofers that function under 1.2 tonnes of pressure, the speaker pumps out ultra-dense sound at up to a sonic-booming 105 decibels without any sound diffraction. This doesn't just mean you can play your music loud without any distortion but at every level of output, from the quietest hush through to the most banging beat, the audio is unimaginably pure.

Beyond its staggering sound experience, the contained system also permanently upgrades itself with the latest software. Flood every room with epic, fully rounded sound delivered exactly as it was intended.