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Rediscover the quiet delight of self-care with a gift from Tatcha.

This holiday, Tatcha invites you to step into wonder and discover for yourself how centuries-old rituals and daily moments of self-care transform inside and out.

Tatcha launches its 2020 holiday collection, Step Into Wonder, an assortment of limited-edition gift sets that touch both skin and soul, providing a sense of sanctuary, comfort, and calm. An integrated approach to beauty has always been at Tatcha’s core, and this holiday, the brand brings this belief to life with gifts that improve both skin and well-being. The curated sets feature bestselling formulas, inviting clients to rediscover the quiet delight of self-care through time-tested rituals.

For founder Vicky Tsai, the path to wellness began in Kyoto. Enchanted by its holistic philosophy and time-honored beauty secrets, it was there in the ancient city of temples that she found balance in her life and with her skin. The Step Into Wonder collection sends the client on their own journey to discover the gentle efficacy of Japanese ingredients, the transformative innovation of modern science, and the loving attentiveness of self-care rituals.

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