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Hues of Identity: Exploring your unique style through colour

How you dress speaks volumes about who you are. For some personalities, fashion and style are high on their list of priorities whilst others barely give their clothes a second thought. Delve into the world of style signifiers, exploring how different personalities express themselves through their clothing choices. From bold hues to understated elegance, we will uncover the colours that align with each personality type, giving inspiration on how to curate a wardrobe that truly embodies your unique essence.

Read on and explore your unique style through colour.

Downtown Girl - Monochromatic Blue and Brown

Imagine that you’re walking through the big city listening to music, visiting your favourite vintage store and reading at a coffee shop. Earthy colours like brown and light blue are colours that associate with the downtown girl aesthetic. The brown opens in a wide range when it is represented in different textures while the gentle blue freshens deep brown and will give lightness to your look. Take cues and wear a Canadian tuxedo from head-to-toe and layer a brown oversized leather jacket that gives it a vintage and old look.

Uptown Girl - Black and White

If there’s one thing all uptown girls have in common, it’s that they mean business. Being polished and put together is written in their DNA. Permanently prepped for a meeting or high tea with friends, city girls rely on black and white separates that can be paired interchangeably to fit their bustling schedules. Think of a white structured blazer matched with a black pleated maxi skirt, styled with a black bag and boots, all of which are perfect for a stylish summer in the city.

Cottage-core Girl - Green with a Pop of Yellow

This girl is the type that as soon as the sun peeps out, she’ll be venturing outside and staking out a patch grass in your local park. For instance, picnicking in the woods may lean towards hues like greens and creams. The colour palette for cottage-core is primarily made up of muted, soft tones that reflect nature - Think sage green, rusty orange, and mustard yellow. These colours create a sense of peace and comfort, where you can snuggle bunnies all day to your heart’s content.

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