Global colour authority Pantone’s colours of the year serve as the pastel inspiration behind an interior trend that has seriously grown-up appeal. Seen across every stylish Instagram feed in the last 12 months, these shades offer a dose of refined, contemporary cool for every living space.

Serenity, a cool-toned tranquil blue brings feelings of respite and relaxation and combines perfectly with Rose Quartz, a dusty muted pink that conveys a sense of innate elegance. Together, the shades create a sense of balance and peace that suit a home’s relaxation spaces such as the living and bedroom.

Oft considered feminine, in reality the combination works seamlessly with other muted hues such as opal and lilac greys, soft peach and pops of buttercup yellow.

“Play with these combinations to lift a neutral space.”

The easiest way to incorporate these pastel shades into your home is to swap white linens with sumptuous pastel textiles. Try mixing in delicate lilac and pink cushions or throws on a neutral coloured sofa or layer in soft pastel versions of statement accents such as oversize vases, glass objets or lamps.