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How to delight the young and young at heart this holiday season

Words by Olivia Berry

Christmas shopping season is nigh, and while many adults grow to favour practicality or luxury for their gifts (who knew a hand-polished Jonathan Adler toothbrush holder could be so satisfying?), children often value gestures that encourage their youthful personalities to shine.

Be it bringing out their giggly side or letting imaginations run wild, let us guide you through what to look for when shopping for little ones this season.

A sense of humour

When it comes to kids, playfulness is key (and the quickest way to their hearts). If you’re having trouble flexing your creative muscles, simply look for everyday objects repackaged with an element of surprise. Zuny’s adorable leather animal bookends are just that – rivaling the most creative of storybooks with characters that range from pugs and penguins to unicorns and dinosaurs.

An emphasis on music

The positive effects of music on children and their development are proven; and the same way lullabies can soothe, sound can also lift and energize. Gifts like Nanoleaf’s Canvas Smart LED Panels Starter Kit can help to make music a feature of any home or space, bringing rooms to life with a rainbow of ambient light that reacts to various rhythms. Just be prepared for endless on-demand dance parties.

A vehicle of expression

Watching a child come into their own is gift in itself, and playing dress-up is no doubt one of the first opportunities for self-expression in their life. Meri Meri’s beautifully crafted Feather Crown, Shark Kids Scarf and Tulle Fairy Dress-Up Kit – among a plethora of other whimsical accessories – are sure-fire stocking stuffers that let little ones transform into whoever they want to be for the day – or hour.

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