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Feng Shui Tips for the Year of the Tiger

Chinese New Year is full of symbolism for ridding the old and ushering in the new. Among the many traditions, cleaning and rearranging your interiors are important rituals that many follow. Traditionally, the ritual happens on the 24th day of the 12th month of the lunar calendar to cleanse the home of negative energy and ready the home for good luck.

In the spirit of the new year and a fresh start, we look to the ancient Chinese spatial laws of Feng Shui to help you ring in the Year of the Tiger with positivity and good vibes.


Donate things you no longer need or give them away to family or friends who might be able to reuse them. This is an excellent way to clear not only your physical space, but also your mind. Allow yourself to let go of the past and prepare for the new year.

Bring in new decorations, colours, and textures through furnishings and objects. Trying new things can spark ideas and invite possibilities and opportunities into your life.


The five elements - Earth, wood, fire, metal, and water - can be present in your home either physically or symbolically. The key is to strike a balance amongst all five to create a harmonious interior. Too much of one element can accentuate traits associated with the element (for example, too much fire can burn you,) whereas a deficiency can lead to exposure to harmful elements. Look closely at the literal and symbolic elements present in your living space to strike the perfect balance.


Earth elements such as marble and crystals cleanse negative energy and ground your surroundings. If you are not a fan of these materials, how about introducing neutral palettes such as beige and brown to your surroundings?


The wood element symbolises growth, creativity, and abundance. Bringing plants into your home helps to enhance health and increase productivity. Not a green thumb? Inject elements of green to your space instead.


Increase passion, inspiration, and fame by introducing warm colour tones like yellow and orange, or, opt for warm lighting. Touches of pink and red are acceptable too, so long as these are not introduced to rooms (such as the bedroom) that encourage calm and peace.


Metal represents righteousness, joy, and a rational mind. Look to copper, gold, or metallic materials for its association to a non-judgmental nature. Alternatively, inject cold colour tones such as white and grey, or bright lights to bring better energy to any space.


Associated with cleansing, prosperity, and movement, the sound of water running is ultra-soothing and will bring life into your space. Alternatively, add hues of blue or round elements to your interiors.


Think about rearranging your furniture. Sometimes we keep our furniture in the same position for years without thinking about refreshing the layout. You’d be amazed at how much difference opening up space to allow a flow of energy can make.

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