If you have a mishap at the waxer or have accidentally gone overboard with the tweezers, it can take a frustratingly long three weeks for your brows hairs to grow back. Scrawny, over-plucked brows also have a tendency to accentuate fine lines and dark circles, so a contingency plan is key. During the awkward re-growth stage, fake fuller brows in three easy steps – and no one will know.

Step one

Select a filler of choice. For a softer, less defined eyebrow select a powder, or for a controlled look, use an eyebrow pencil or gel. As a rule of thumb, select an eyebrow shade that’s two shades lighter than your hair colour.

Step two

Start filling in hairs in light, feathery strokes, mimicking the natural direction of your hair. Remember to make sure to keep the strokes the size of your actual brow hairs – if the strokes are too big you’re brows will look unrealistic.

Step three

To ensure the filler doesn’t look harsh or overdrawn, take an angled brow wand and blend the filler and your natural brows hairs together finish. A light touch is key to achieving a natural, seamless finish.