With everything from walking to sleeping getting the health and fitness tracker treatment, it was only a matter of time before the tech world began to give our favourite exercise gear the smart upgrade. At the top of the list to get a tech makeover, is the classic jump rope.

A new take on the workout staple, the rope is embedded with 23 LEDS and magnetic sensors to accurately track each revolution so with each jump, the Smart Rope displays the jump data on the actual rope mid-air as you workout. Connect it to the smart phone and download the Smart Gym app where all data – including calories burned, workout times and jump count – is not only recorded but also synced with Google Fit and Apple HealthKit.

For the most efficient and portable cardio workout, the Smart Gym app also recommends interval training based on your fitness goals and encourages motivation with a gamification feature for the smartest and most immersive fitness experience.