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Get your sharpest suits and game faces on ladies, because this spring’s power play is all about showing them who’s boss. From the Spring/Summer 2013 runways to the streets of this season’s fashion weeks, power suits are making a strong call for action. Appropriating a double-breasted piece or exaggerated shoulders, your line-up should begin with the blazer. Whether you’re the head of the board or a member of the social elite, perfecting the executive look will convey it’s you who calls the shots.



Give a classic, black or navy tailored suit a breath of fresh air with boxy shapes and architectural silhouettes. Keep the emphasis on the suit by teaming it with a minimal shirt and a neutral tablet clutch for all your day-planning gadgets.


Showcase your media creativity with a blazer-trouser combo in a statement print. Embody an offbeat but authoritative attitude by matching it with a plain top or make a flashy move by clashing prints, giving a chic slant to the pantsuit.


Give in to your instinctive elegance by opting for a completely monotone look, adding different textures for dynamism. An all-white, executive ensemble communicates confidence and a natural air of sophistication, especially when paired with an oversized clutch and sky-high stilettos.

Executive Decision

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