Alex Randall’s Asian Debut

2012-05-30 10:30:00.0
The first Asian exhibition of the award-winning British lighting designer at Lane Crawford’s One Island South home store.

Internationally renowned for her bespoke, large-scale lighting pieces and installations, Alex Randall incorporates innovative combinations of reclaimed objects, modern technology, and the unexpected, controversial medium such as taxidermy.

Taxidermy, she argues, is incongruously an ethical design choice. If an animal is already dead, why not preserve it? "Most of the animals we use are shot as vermin and their bodies either used as food for other animal or left to rot. By giving them a purpose, they become quite beautiful," remarks Randall.

Inspiring and provocative, Randall’s works embody a daring, artistic vision crafted from a unique point of view. Watch as she talks about her collection and how she developed a love for taxidermy.

See Alex’s work in the Lane Crawford One Island South home store until June and then at Pacific Place home store until end June.

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