Wood is one of our most ancient materials, and often called a “noble material” due to both its raw beauty and its usefulness; its colours and textures are seemingly endless, and while light it can be worked easily but remain fundamentally strong.

So it’s no surprise that many of the most innovative contemporary creators work with this endlessly fascinating material, and that it’s part of our Good Feels initiative. We’ve brought a few of our favourite designers and artists working in wood into stores to show off both their space designs and their products. Look out for the spaces designed by Lane Crawford Creative Call Out finalists Bradley Duncan and WAKA WAKA from Los Angeles in Lane Crawford ifc mall and Shanghai Times Square, and beautiful furniture and fashion accessories by Alcarol and Sophie Monet.

Duncan works primarily in sculpture and installation. “Using wood grounds me,” he says. “As trees, it connects down into the earth, and many trees have been on the planet longer than us. I pay attention to the grain and work to regroup it into a new sculpted form.” Duncan looked at the store from an aerial viewpoint, focusing on spatial balance for his installation.