Richard Brendon is the newest name in the world of ceramics. Working with works with some of the finest traditional craftsmen he distills elements from the best of British heritage, transforming them into contemporary designs that feel utterly fresh and relevant for modern life. Through his work, he aims to attract a new audience to the world of hand crafted luxury goods and to help regenerate this most precious of British industries.

His newest collection ‘Reflect’ breathes life back into antique saucers missing their other halves by creating a highly reflective teacup to match. The mirrored cups reflect the patterned saucers, uniting them as perfect couples.

Each bone china cup is handmade and painted in platinum and gold gilding by artisans from England’s renowned pottery town of Stoke-on-Trent. The cups are then paired with orphan saucers meticulously curated from antique dealers across Britain.

The sets are all one-of-a-kind and exclusive to Lane Crawford with saucers being traced as far back as 1880. For antique collectors and design lovers alike, Brendon’s ‘Reflect’ series makes the perfect, meaningful gift.