Inspired by Nature The Italian masters of ceramic form

“The ceramics are as old as the teeth of the mammoths, like the ribs of the bears, like the horns of the reindeer.’”
- Ettore Sottsass

Stoneware and porcelain are ancient and noble materials, and working them is one of the oldest arts known to humanity; ensuring that modern craftsmen employing it are continually inspired to keep evolving shapes, patterns and finishes in the creation of new objects.

This is the world inhabited by Italian ceramic studio FOS. Launched in 1987 by Piero Mazzotti and Andri Ioannou, the studio is inspired by nature to create ‘pure shapes’, which it then ornaments with its unique style of graphic decoration.

And where better to launch such a studio than in the Italian city of Faenza, a city renowned for its ceramic art that dates back to the 13th century. FOS’s work harks back to these age-old traditions but speaks with a voice all its own.

Consider the Fossilia collection for its ciliated finishes and irregular shapes which recall the purity of seashells and coral. The minutely detailed textures form a type of skeleton that supports vases, bowls and bottles seemingly moulded around curved or even empty spaces.

The Antithesis collection strikes a different, more refined note. Sinuous shapes exhibit finely worked parallel lines, giving an impression of verticality or volume reminiscent of Art Deco design but with a modern sensibility. The fired, unglazed pure white ‘biscuit porcelain’ of both collections is complemented by artisanal touches of gold and platinum that not only bring beautiful contrast but allow the pieces to interact subtly with the light in any space.

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