“I guess the people who are involved with my work feel physically and intellectually engaged,” says Jeff Koons, one of the world’s most acclaimed modern sculptors. His balloon animals that date from the mid-Nineties to the mid-Naughts are some of the most spectacular and lovable art works. The luscious gleaming metallic colours, taut surfaces and voluptuous forms induce an instant state of awe.

Koons has collaborated with Bernardaud, the renowned French porcelain maker, on a series of limited edition miniature balloon sculptures: Balloon Monkey (Blue), Swan (Yellow) and Rabbit (Red) which are exact replicas of his originals that measured around two metres high and one of which came to sell at auction for US$58.4 million at auction in 2013.

As highly prized collectables, each miniature artwork comes in an edition of 999 and Lane Crawford is one of exclusive worldwide stockists carrying three of each design. For art lovers and pop culture enthusiasts alike, these pieces embody all the qualities of Koon’s work and are true icons of our time.

Each perfect piece is rendered with scrupulous attention to detail that thrills with its ‘just about to pop’ form. Koons worked on the originals with a professional balloon twister and highly complex CT-scanning to eradicate any irregularities before rendering the seamless sculptures in shining stainless steel.